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Please Contact us Regarding Wild Rose Buffy, updated below 2/12/2009

On February 9th, a pup from my litter was rehomed without my consent. Wild Rose Buffy is a beautiful people loving dog. Misty Acres Kennels- the owners of Buffy, placed Buffy without even an email to inform me of their intention. This goes against what most, if not all, Kangal Dog breeders have as a clause in their puppy owner contracts. Misty Acres themselves has this clause. The breeder of the litter has the first right of refusal.

When I found out that Misty Acre Kennels was looking to rehome one of my dogs I immediately contacted both husband and wife through 3 separate email addresses known as their contacts. They never replied to my request to take Buffy back and in fact placed Buffy after my emails were written.

Buffy was rehomed with a dog nicknamed "Sunny". This dog needs medical care. The person or persons who adopted Buffy and Sunny must truly have a big heart. As Sunny's surgery will be in the $1000's. I am hoping that this person will do the right thing and contact me in regards to this situation. I know Misty Acres Kennels has put you into a truly awkward scenario but the welfare of my dog is paramount. I hope you understand.

Update 2/12/2009

The search continues for Wild Rose Buffy. I have asked for the contact information for the person who Misty Acres Kennels has claimed "rehomed" Buffy. My request has been ignored. I want to believe Buffy is still alive although every day that my requests for information go unanswered, more doubts arise. I am seeking information from anyone who knows anything about this, please contact me at the email below.

For everyone reading this. Don't make the mistake of listening to only one source of information regarding the Kangal Dogs. Use the internet and contact as many breeders, clubs and lists as you can to make well informed decisions. If you are on an emailing list run by a commercial breeding operation, realize that many of the list members are novice puppy owners, thrilled with their new puppies, or perhaps seeking a puppy- but not informed of some of the really serious issues regarding these dogs. Please seek out different points of view in the larger Kangal community.

Topics such as frank and difficult health discussions, responsibilities of breeding within a small and fragile gene pool, and real conversations on temperament are important, and are usually more open, in environments where there are many breeders interacting as peers and in professional organizations. Where there are experienced peers, claims are subject to fact checking. Health, genetics, and temperament are uncomfortable subjects when marketing is the goal. These subjects are often discouraged by larger commercial breeders, no matter how welcoming and knowledgeable they may seem at first glance. You owe it to yourselves and the Kangal Dogs to insure you are able to meet the needs of these majestic animals. Kangal Dogs are rare. A good Kangal Dog owner is even rarer.

Ron Grill

Ron Grill (email link)

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We breed only occasionally, from outstanding Kangal Dog imports. We are very selective about our dogs and where we place them. Our priority is the preservation of the Kangal Dog. We will not breed for profit, so litters are infrequent, but it is worth the wait.

Our dogs are large, solid, and from excellent lines. Please email us if you are interested in learning more about our upcoming litter.

Wild Rose Farm is located on the prairies of Alberta, Canada. We are named after the wild roses that grow in abundance in this area. The Wild Rose is the official flower of Alberta.

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